Small, medium and large cages are available for cats and small to medium-sized dogs. Indoor runs are provided for larger dogs and there is one horse stall and two half horse stalls available on request. All efforts are made to keep cats in a quiet room away from barking dogs. If they are docile enough, we allow they to take turns exploring our “Jungle Room” for added environmental enrichment. Dogs are walked 3 times daily unless otherwise requested by the owner. Special diets and feeding schedules will be accommodated, though we request that owners of such animals bring their own food and medications. Toys and personal bedding are encouraged. Animals that board for four days or more (excluding cats, unless necessary) are given a free bath on the morning they are to be discharged. All animals are under the supervision of a veterinarian and if any health issues arise, they will be treated promptly. If fleas are found on an animal, they will be treated at the owners expense.

Current Fees (as of 6/1/2020):

Feline: $15.00/day
Canine: $20.00/day
(any size)
Horse Stall ( 12′ X 12′): $30.00/day
For the horse stall a flat fee is applied to the first dog in the stall. Additional dogs in the same stall (same owner) are charged the $20.00 daily fee. Animals that don’t get along or animals from different owners will never be put in the same enclosure.



  1. We must have documentation of vaccination status.
  2. If your animal is not current, you must make an appointment at least one week prior to boarding.
  3. All dogs must be already trained to walk on a leash.
  4. New boarders must be dropped off when boarding staff is present.
  5. Drop offs are between 9:30 am to noon and between 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.
  6. You may bring your pet’s food. It must be in an air tight, sealed container.
  7. Questionable animals must have references proving good behavior.
  8. We reserve the right to deny services for aggressive animals.