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Cats may be carnivores, but they have an innate need to occasionally eat greens.  Indoor cats have no choice but to nibble on whatever you have on hand, and if you give your cat fresh greens that are safe, you can keep your cat healthy and a little happier.  Plants can be considered a part of environmental enrichment for cats.  The richer the environment, the happier the cat.  Below is a list of suggestions for greenery that will satisfy your cat’s need to graze while keeping him safe.

There are several seed mixes available for planting indoors just for cats.  Most of them are comprised of a mixture of wheat, oat and rye grasses. Even ordinary lawn grass grown indoors can be a suitable alternative.  Catnip can also be grown in containers but should not be available to the point where the cat eats the entire plant.

For the indoor gardener, there are several types of herbs that not only make your cat happy, but are useful in the kitchen.  Among these are basil, thyme, oregano, sage and parsley.

If you are a houseplant lover and choose to pick plants that are not only safe for cats but are ornamental as well, it is best to choose from the list below.

African Violet (many species)                          Lithops                                                  Indoor Ferns 
Aluminum Plant                                               Madagascar Jasmine                            Safe for Cats
American Rubber Plant                                   Maranta                                                Boston
Baby’s Tears                                                   Mosaic Plant                                         Button
Begonia (many species)                                  Neoregelia                                           Christmas Dagger
Bloodleaf                                                         Peperomia (many species)                   Dallas
Bottlebrush (some species)                             Persian Violet                                       Fish Tail
Burrow’s Tail                                                   Piggyback Plant                                    Dwarf Whitman
Calathea (lancifolia)                                        Pilea microphylla                                   Hare’s Foot
Camellia                                                          Pony Tail                                               Holly Fern
Cape Primrose                                                Prayer Plant                                          Nephrolepis
Cast Iron Plant                                                Spider Plant                                          Staghorn
Chenille Plant                                                 Swedish Ivy                                           Sword
Chicken and Hens                                          Velvet Plant                                           Yellow Button
Chocolate Soldier                                           Venus Fly Trap
Christmas Cactus                                           Wandering Jew
Cushon Aloe (not Aloe vera)                           Indoor Palms Safe for Cats
Earth Star
Echeveria (many species)                              Areca
False Aralia                                                    Bamboo Palm
Flame-of-the-woods                                       Dwarf Feather
Flamingo Plant                                               Dwarf Palm
Ginger                                                            Fan Tufted
Gloxinia                                                          Feather
Goldfish Plant                                                Kentia
Grape Ivy                                                       Lady
Impatiens                                                       Parlor of Good Luck
Jasmine                                                         Yellow
Lady’s Slipper