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Non-Toxic Plants

Many plants we have around our homes or in the great outdoors are not considered a hazard for cats and dogs. Below is a list of common plants which are NOT considered to be toxic. Some mild abdominal upset can occur with almost anything.

Abelia                                                                      Corn Plant                                                       Jade Plant                                                    Weeping Fig

Absynnian Sword Lily                                            Crab Apples                                                    Kalanchoe                                                    Weeping Willow

African Palm                                                           Creeping Jennie,                                             Lilac                                                             Wild Onion

Airplane Plant                                                             Moneywort, Lysima                                    Lily (Day, Easter,                                         Zebra Plant

Aralia                                                                       Croton                                                               or Tiger)

Araucaria                                                                 Dahlia                                                             Lipstick Plant

Asparagus Fern                                                        Daisies                                                            Magnolia

  (Dermatitis)                                                            Dandelion                                                       Marigold

Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant)                                     Dogwood                                                         Monkey Plant

Aster                                                                        Donkey Tail                                                     Norfolk Island Pine

Baby’s Tears                                                            Dracaena (Caution with                                   Peperomia

Bachelor’s Buttons                                                     animal ingestions)                                         Petunia

Bamboo                                                                   Easter Lily                                                        Prayer Plant

Begonia                                                                   Echeveria                                                          Purple Passion

Bird’s-nest Fern                                                       Eucalyptus (Caution)                                        Pyrocantha

Black Olive                                                             Eugenia                                                             Rose

Blood Leaf Plant                                                     Flowering Crab                                                 Sanseveria

Boston Ferns                                                           Gardenia                                                            Scheffelera

Bougainvillea                                                          Gloxinia                                                            Sensitive Plant

Cactus (Certain Varieties)                                       Grape Ivy                                                          Spider Plant

California Holly                                                      Hedge Apples                                                    Swedish Ivy

California Poppy                                                     Hen & Chicks                                                    Umbrella

Camelia                                                                   Honeysuckle                                                      Violets

Christmas Cactus                                                    Hoya                                                                   Wandering Jew

Coleus Species                                                        Impatiens                                                            Weeping Fig