Toxic Plants

There are many plants that are considered toxic to animals, and many of them are found in your yard or even inside your house. Shown below is a list of plants you should worry about.

Acorn                                                              English  Ivy                                                   Monkshood                                                        Water Hemlock

Anemone                                                        Four O’Clock                                                 Morning Glory                                                   Wisteria

Angel Trumpe Tree                                        Foxglove                                                        Mushroom                                                          Yew

Apple Seeds                                                   Hemlock, Poison                                            Narcissus

Apricot Pit                                                     Holly Berries                                                  Nephthytis                                                           ** Cocoa Mulch is also highly toxic

Arrowhead                                                     Horsetail Reed                                                Nightshade

Avocado (Leaves)                                         Hyacinth (bulbs)                                             Oleander

Azaleas                                                          Hydrangea                                                       Peach Seeds

Betel Nut Palm                                              Iris                                                                   Periwinkle

Bittersweet                                                    Ivey (Boston, English)                                    Philodendron

Buckeye                                                        Jack-in-the-Pulpit                                            Poison Ivy

Buttercups                                                    Jequirity Bean or Pea                                       Poppy (California 

Caladium                                                      Jerusalem Cherry                                                 Poppy excepted) 

Calla Lily                                                     Jessamine (Jasmine)                                        Pokeweed

Castor Bean                                                  Jimson Weed (Thorn Apple)                           Potato (Sprouts)

Chinese Lantern                                           Jonquil                                                             Primrose

Creeping Charlie —                                      Lantana Camara                                               Ranunculus 

  Ground Ivy (flechoma hedercae)              Larkspur                                                            Rhododendron 

Crocus, Autumn                                          Laurels                                                              Rhubarb (leaf)

Daffodil                                                       Lily-of-the-Valley                                             Rosary Pea

Daphne                                                        Lobelia                                                              Sago Palm                    

Dephinium                                                  Marijuana                                                          Star-of-Bethlehem

Devil’s Ivy                                                  Mayapple                                                           Sweet Pea 

Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane)                      Mescal (Peyote)                                                 Tobacco

Elderberry                                                  Mistletoe                                                            Tomato (Vines)

Elephant Ear                                              Moonseed                                                           Tulip

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